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Guitar & Bass Lessons

Bearable Sounds, Nixa's Premier Music Shop offers Music Performance courses in  Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Bass Guitar. Our  Introduction Course is designed for beginner guitar, and bass guitar students. Over the course of weekly lessons students will learn

The anatomy of their instrument.

 How to tune their instrument.

 How to read basic chord grids as well as Tablature and basic standard music notation.

  This is also a great course for students who are interested in trying out music lessons without the full commitment of purchasing an instrument and amplifier, we  offer instrument rentals for this course. Our beginner courses continue to build upon the Introduction course. It's recommended that students first complete the intro courses prior to enrolling into our Beginner Class. Students  may schedule an evaluation and skip the intro class as well.  Our Intermediate course are topic specific, that are 6 weeks long with 45 min lessons weekly. We recommend taking our beginner classes or have 1-2 years of consistent practice, be able to read standard music notation, have basic understanding of intervals,  Scales and chord structures. Students may request an evaluation to skip the beginner classes.   


Piano Lessons

At Bearable  Sounds we offer Piano lessons for kid as young as 8 yrs of age to adults. Our Classes range from Intro to Piano , Beginner Classes, and  ,Intermediate. We also have  made to tailor Tutoring sessions.

If you are a beginner or would just like some help to get your playing to the next level we can help.  

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