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How to Practice Playing Open Position Chords

Playing rhythm guitar is an extremely technical aspect of playing guitar. It requires a lot of practice and work. When practicing chords its imperative that you are able to play any chord with very good tonality, meaning when you strike the given chord the sound of the chord is heard with clarity.

Always tune your guitar before playing !

Step 1. Place your fingers on the correct notes of the chord that you will play. Pay close attention to finger position.

Step 2. Play each string while holding the chord shape and verify each string is heard with clarity.

Note : If the strings are muted or sound awful

repeat step 2 and examen each string carefully and make adjustments to your fingers making sure you are applying enough pressure. Make sure that your finger is not hitting another string causing the string to mute. Do this across all the strings used in a particular chord. Check your picking hand - are you holding the pick firmly ? ,make sure your pick is parallel to your guitar body when striking the strings on a down stroke. Verify your pick movement is one smooth stroke across all the needed strings.

Step 3 Practice strumming the chord with down strokes only for 30 seconds

Practice strumming the chord with down and up strokes for 30 seconds (its a good idea to count | 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & |

If you know more than one chord Practice switching back and fourth chord to chord

for 30 seconds , all down strokes then down up

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