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Intro to Guitar : Learning The Natural Notes Pt 1:

Learning the notes on the guitar can be challenging, but if you practice 1-2 min daily you can achieve this goal , and it should definitely be on your list of goals, as it is the foundation to all the music theory you will learn. First we do need to know some basic terminology and understanding of how the guitar works in regards to names of the strings and location of notes.

Your guitar has 6 strings:

Starting from the lowest in pitch would be called (E) or string 6. next is (A) or string 5 , (D) or sting 4, (G) or string 3, (B) or string 2 , and finally (E) string 1 .

Next you need to know that the musical alphabet consist of 7 notes. For purpose of this example, we will present the musical alphabet starting from the Note (A).

Musical Alphabet:


The order does not change when ascending or descending.

Ex1: A-B-C Ex2: C-B-A

Also you can start at any note

Ex 1: D-E-F-G-A-B Ex2: G-A-B-C-D

Besides having 6 strings the guitar also has frets ,that typically go as high as 24 frets.

The Guitar Fretboard:

Starting from left to right the first vertical column represents the first fret, each column to the right represents the frets on a guitar. The dots represents a specific location on the fretboard. From left to right the 1st dot represents the 3rd fret. Moving up to the next dot is located at the 5th fret and so on. The double dots represent the 12th fret.

Each fret has a measurement of distance called Half steps and Whole Steps.

The distance between the 1st fret and the 2nd fret is a half step.

The distance between the 1st fret and 3rd fret is a whole step.

If you have a complete understanding of the information presented here ,head over to

Learning The Natural Notes Part 2.

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