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Learning The Natural Notes Pt 3

Congratulations ! If you are here you studied well. This the foundation of all music theory from here we will continue to build your understanding of your instrument.

As we discussed in earlier lessons the musical alphabet consist of 7 notes , that can start on any note , and typically ends at he same note as you started from. the diagram below demonstrates the order of natural notes on the low E string of the guitar. We start with the open E string depicted by the white circle.and then move up in pitch in the order of the musical alphabet starting from E open string and ending on E at the 12th fret which is the octave. For the most part notes on the guitar move in whole steps except for two transitions. Notice that from E to F is a half-step, also notice that from B to C is a half-step. This half-step movement occurs at every E to F and B to C note movement.

Lets look at the A string;

Again the open A string is depicted by the white circle. Learn where your whole steps are and half steps. Remember that when you start on a open string in this example string (A) you want to move up in pitch to the the 12th fret and end in A

Tips: The order of notes never change just the starting point

Use alternate picking when playing the notes Down stroke followed by an upstroke.

Say the notes out loud while playing, even better try to sing the pitch.

Down load the grid paper provide at the main blog page write out the notes on each string.

During down time or during a Tv commercial recite the natural notes in your head for all 6 strings

When you completely understand this information you are ready to move forward.

Practice well and "Keep The Dream Alive "

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