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The Foundation : The Major Scale Pos 2 or Octave Shape (A) Pt 1

Updated: May 12

If you are not fluent in your understanding of how to locate the natural notes or octave shapes on your guitar, its best to revisit those post before continuing on. As we progress with our study of music theory the concepts presented will be more difficult to understand. The musical alphabet consist of 7 notes, its commonly presented as

A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A. There are many forms of study in music but basically you have Harmony and Melody both are created utilizing scales. The Major scale is a 7 note scale consisting of the 7 notes of the musical alphabet, while abiding by the rules of music theory. In previous lessons you learned whole step and half step linear movements on the guitar , recall that there was a half step between the notes B and C as well as E and F.

The major scale is constructed by applying a pattern or sequence of whole steps and half steps to the musical alphabet . That sequence is as follows

Whole Step - Whole Step - Half Step - Whole Step - Whole Step - Whole step - Half Step.

Ex 1: W- W- 1/2 - W - W - W -1/2

Example 2 shows these steps in the C major scale.

Ex 2: C -w- D. -w- E 1/2. F. - w- G. -w- A. -w- B 1/2 C

Example 3 depicts The D major Scale nearly two octaves ,Notice the octave shape within the scale shown in red with the letter (D) which stands for Root note.

Ex 3:

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