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The Major Pos. 2 or Octave (A) Shape Pt 2

Updated: May 12

In this segment I want to go over one of my methods of learning how to practice and learn scales. The following steps are in sequential order after you have mastered the natural notes and octave shapes .

Step 1: Memorize the major scale formula : w-w-1/2-w-w-w-1/2

Step 2: Practice one scale shape at a time ,I recommend the scale shape in Ex 1.

because you can move the root note a whole step up to (E) and play the E major scale. All scales are moveable the nice thing about this one is the pattern never changes you start on (G) and play G major or (C) and play C major scale.

Step 3 : Use a finger pattern that works well for you, The one I use for this pattern is as follows ; Note Finger 1 is your index finger followed by 2,3, and your pinky is 4

Starting from the D on the (A) string : 2-4

Starting from the F# on the (D) String: 1-2-4

Starting from the B on the (G) string : 1-3-4

Starting from the E on the (B) string: 1-3-4

Starting from the A on the (E) string. 1-3

Step 4: Say and Play say the notes of the scale as you play

Step 5: Start from a different root note and move linear on the (A) string

There are not any shortcuts to this ,the key is repetition. The next segment we will analyze the major scale in detail, coming soon.

Practice well and Keep "The Dream Alive"

Ex 1:

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